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Complimentary Preparation Materials

  • Free Assessment Exam
    This assessment exam reflects the content, structure and difficulty of the actual High School Placement Exam. Our complimentary exam includes an in-depth answer key which provides a thorough explanation for every question on the exam.

  • Free Language Preparation Materials
    The HSPT includes a Language Section that tests many of the fundamental rules of English grammar. This material can help students practice for the Language Section and identify areas where preparation is needed. This material is an excerpt from the full-length preparation manual provided as part of RedwoodPrep's HSPT class.

Course Overview

RedwoodPrep's HSPT course runs for eight hours and prepares students for every question on the HSPT with tailored strategies and over a thousand questions to practice while preparing. Over 2,000 students have prepared for the HSPT in a RedwoodPrep course.

If RedwoodPrep does not offer a course in your area, we now offer an online HSPT preparation course. To register, press the "Sign-up" button, choose "HSPT" for the program and then "CA - ONLINE" for the region. You can then register for the online course.

On Day 1, students take a two hour HSPT Assessment exam to identify areas to focus on. Over the next six hours of instruction, your teacher will review all 5 sections of the exam: Verbal Skills, Mathematics, Reading, Language, and Quantitative Skills. Each section is broken down into three to five question types, and the students are taught the content and problem-solving skills necessary to solve each type of question. The classroom experience is high-energy, fast-paced and focused. Students receive daily homework assignments to help hone their problem solving skills and concept knowledge. Students are encouraged to take the provided full-length Practice Exam to get additional practice.

Key areas of emphasis include:

Time Management

Time management is crucial for the HSPT and all future standardized exams. RedwoodPrep trains students to monitor and manage their time effectively. Unprepared students can under-perform simply due to non-existent or ineffective time management.

Problem-solving Strategies

Using a proven, structured system, RedwoodPrep teaches students how to effectively and efficiently answer every problem on the exam. For all the HSPT's question types, RedwoodPrep offers a specific, structured strategy students can use to frame, breakdown and answer every question on the test.

Guided, Intensive Content Learning

RedwoodPrep focuses students to deepen and strengthen their content knowledge during the four day class. In-class problems and quizzes along with daily homework assignments help drive student learning. The process helps prepare students for the exam and burnishes the skills and concepts they have learned during their academic career thus far.

Practice Exams and Question Banks

RedwoodPrep provides large question banks for every question type on the HSPT. Two full-length practice exams provide additional preparation and include in-depth answer explanations so students can get guided, immediate feedback. In total, the preparation packet includes over a thousand, representative practice problems for students to work on.

Mental Preparation and Confidence Building

Low confidence, anxiety and a high-stress mentality can de-rail a prepared student. Using in-class exercises and awareness techniques, RedwoodPrep significantly improves each student's mental preparation. As a result of the mental preparation, the HSPT becomes a test of 'no surprises'. Each student will know exactly what to expect for each section of the test. Once the fear of the unknown is gone, student anxiety no longer becomes an issue. Each student will approach the test with confidence.

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